Community Expansion Pack

Community Expansion Pack 2.4

CEP designed creatures and placeables including Demogorgon and Orcus models
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The Community Expansion Pack is a bundle pack for Neverwinter Nights. Due to the large amount of content made by third-party developers, new content was all over the place. Some creatures or tiles were available only as a separate download, making it frustrating to download them one by one. The CEP was compiled by a group of enthusiasts that wanted to put all the community-created content in one download.

The CEP team did not just grab everything they could and bundle it over; they chose which content was worthy to download. In version 1.0, you get around 440 new creatures not available in the game, as well as 121 NPC portraits. Also, you will have fourteen new weapons and components for them, along with 1,400 objects. This pack is enough for a game master to create new quests and missions all the time. Although this version has some slight problems with installation, they are just minor bugs. If you own Neverwinter Nights, check the Community Expansion Pack, it will give you more content for the game. Highly recommendable. There are several newer versions and patches available for download.

Ismael Mireles
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  • A great source of NWN content


  • Some installation bugs
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